Kattnäs Camping
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About Kattnäs camping

There are two small cabins for two persons available. Bed linen and towels are included in the price of 60 euro/night.

A visit to our Finnish, fire-heated sauna in combination with a swim in the sea is a must.
the price is € 10 per hour
up to 1-2 pers
More than 2 people will pay to be € 5

Kitchen, Dishwashing, Telephone

Showers, toilets and laundry

room TV !

the kiosk serves coffee

The camping site consists of eight acres of grassy meadows and hosts 100-150 caravans. The camping site has a nice shallow beach, perfect for the little ones.

Try your luck on pike, perch and trout. Boats with or without outbord motors are available. Fishing licenses are for sale at the reception.